Carrie Simon (Author & Child Advocate)

Novels with a Purpose

Carrie Simon’s professional career as an author commenced with her first published novel, SAVE THEM ALL, in 2014, hit several topics dealing with the trauma of domestic violence. SAVE THEM ALL dealt with spousal and child abuse as well as child neglect, and spousal murder. She followed with her second novel, JUST FIND ME, in 2015, which tackled the topic of child abduction in a day and age not too long ago when Amber Alerts and Facebook postings did not exist. Her third novel, Maker of Difference, was released in 2020, tackling teen suicide.

Carrie’s novels are Faith based keeping her goal to raise awareness for ALL children who suffer any type of abuse or neglect in mind. In between “life,” and it’s many roles, Carrie works a full-time office job, mentors teens, runs her non-profit, Save Them ALL Inc., and divides her time between Louisiana and South Carolina. Carrie continues to be a “Voice for the Children.”