Carrie Simon (Author & Child Advocate)

The Mission to Save Them ALL

"My mission is simple. Be a voice to those who have none. From a very young age I've been passionate about standing up and speaking out for children who were less fortunate, missing, neglected and abused. ALL children deserve to be loved, wanted and appreciated. As I grew older, this strong desire to be an advocate for them did not dissipate or diminish. Rather it became a stronger and more vibrant drive within me. As I began writing novels, I soon discovered I could use my talent to be a platform not only to encourage those without hope, but to motivate others to join me in this movement who are given opportunities daily to be courageous, kind and willing. To stand for their cause, be their voice, rise up on their behalf and SAVE THEM ALL.

The Passion Behind it All

Nurturing and Protecting are innate qualities for Carrie. Fortunately, as a mother and a devout Christian, her passion to protect does not end with her family. Her first book was published in 2013, leading the way to assist others in showing the world how desperate many of our children are. Carrie’s ultimate goal is to provide children from all over the world a listening heart, a guiding hand, and a safe haven they can run to when they need love and guidance. This is not an easy process and can only begin, one heartbroken child at a time.

Carrie also wishes to raise awareness as to how traumatic and prevalent childhood abuse is and to encourage other adults to step out of their comfort zones and play a positive role in society.

To help….

Latest Novel

Carrie's third novel, "Maker of Difference," was released in 2020. The concept of this story is to draw awareness to the prevelance of teen suicide and the negative idiations stemming from a society filled with filtered selfies and glamourizing such Carrie splits her time between Louisiana and South Carolina. She is involved in national book signings, mentoring teenagers, is active in her church, and enjoys spending time with her children above all else.
Should you be interested in hosting a book signing with Carrie, please contact her via this site or call (844) 317-SAFE

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